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Grand Prix Bratislava

GRAND PRIX CSI3*-W Bratislava 2018
3. - 5. August 2018. Free entrance!

History of Puissance

The Puissance was included in the program of the IInd GP in the year 1966, at that time the "Golden Horseshoe", in the Kovosmalt stadium at Petržalka. The 200 cm high wall was jumped by three riders, which was unique in the world in that year. Ladislav Gonos on the horse Rytmus was then placed 2nd.

In 1967, which was held in the Ovsište course, in the main contest (GP) only in the fourth jump-off (at that time, the rules permitted jumping-off until decision, by gradual reduction the number of obstacles by two. The winner was L. Gonos on the horse Rytmus, jumping as the only one over the 203 cm high wall, and E. Frank - Marcello (Hungary), having knocked down the obstacle, was placed 2nd. Its is a paradox that Gonos - Rytmus won also the Puissance in the height of "only" 185 cm, before Uroš Boor - mounted on Athos.

In 1969, the Puissance was won on the height of 190 cm by Vladimír Mladý on the horse Caravella. In the main contest, also after the fourth jumping-off on the height of 190 cm with 4 penalty points, the winner was Vladimír Dudáš on the horse Trakia. The 2nd was placed Boris Boor - Uran which refused to jump (3 penalty points) but then jumped over the wall, but was penalised for excess of the time limit.

In 1974, Thomas Frühmann - Royal Can (Austria) and W. Bachl - Fernando (FRG easily jumped over 190 cm, but upon initiation of Frühmann, they refused to continue in the contest and were both placed 2nd ex aequo.

In 1975, out of 28 competitots, the winner was Hans Schulenbudg - Fantasie (GDR) on the height of 190 cm. The 2nd place was taken ex aequo by L. Gonos - Rip Korby, J. Varró, M. Leitenbergerová, and J. Pacinski with 4 penalty points.

The Puissance was again included in the program of the XXXVIIIth year of GPB CSIO 2003. The attempt to bring it back to life was successful. The competition began with 16 riders, 12 of them qualified to the Ist jump-off at the height of 189 cm, ten riders passed to the IInd jump-off at the height of 200 cm, and four of them qualified further to the IIIrd jump-off at the height of 212 cm. Unfortunately, all of them knocked down the wall, with two having only slightly kicked the upper block. The spectators were disappointed by the verdict of the judges who terminated the competition, and thus the P. Schwizer - Pilgrimi (Switz.), S. Ströhmer - San Juan (Germ.), F. Corsi - Saian G.P. (Italy.), and P. Piriatzalis - Choctow (Greece) were on the fist place ex aequo..

The Puissance in the GPB 2004 was held before delighted audience. Out of 10 riders, 9 qualified to the Ist jump-off, six competitors passed to the IInd round at the height of 200 cm, and three of them even qualified to the IIIrd jum-off at the height of 210 cm. The IVth jump-off with the wall 215 cm high was attended by Luka Založnik - Topas (Slovenia) and Zsolt Pirik - Norman (Hung.). In absolute silence they jumped off this height, enjoyed ovations of the audience, created a course record, and reached the highest official height jumped in Slovakia. Aleš Opatrný - Cyril (CzR) with 4 penalty points took the 3rd place in the IIIrd round.

Author: Ing. Eugen Gejmovský